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Slow Down Services

  • Understand your thought process.
  • Learn to manage professional & personal environments
  • Apply concepts such as non-thought and “peace of mind.”

Epiphany Services

  • Experience an epiphany.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Learn how to solve large problems.

Writing Consulting Services

  • Understand your writing process.
  • Create a quality document.
  • Learn how to continue to create quality documents.

What is Slow Down Consulting?

What’s the big deal?


Slow Down Consulting aids individuals in their pursuit of a more manageable thought process and subsequent lifestyle. Whether you feel stuck in a certain problem or you want to learn how to dial back your mind from the immense amount of stimulus in our lives, Slow Down Consultants introduce a methodological thought process that is tailored to you. 

What it is?


“Slow” has a lot of negative connotations in our culture. We’re encouraged to go faster, be more productive, get more done. Yes, it’s good to be productive and accomplish tasks and goals—we simply advocate for a mental process and ensuing lifestyle that allows you to manage the pace of the process. 

How do you slow down?

Slow Down Consultants aid individuals in their pursuit of a slower thought process and lifestyle. Consultations are discussion oriented and conversations revolve around a series of interconnected questions. The questions get more specific as the conversation takes shape. Assessments are conducted regarding data consumption and mental downtime. Research and theory are introduced along the way. "Slow" can happen at any time, in any place, and Slow Down Consulting provides services to ignite the mindfulness inside of you.   

What's New?


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Events: The Moral of Slow


Dave Howell will be presenting "The Moral of Slow" at the Urban Ecology Center at Riverside Park at 7:00 p.m. on January 9th, 2018. This presentation will explore the benefits of going slow—whether that means one’s lifestyle or thought process—and how "slow" helps us examine the speed at which we are living. 

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