Slow Down Services

Living in the 21st century is not an easy thing to do. Everything and everyone seems to be speeding up. New tools and technologies create faster workflows. In the pursuit of efficiency, we learn to surrender time and personal resources. We continually confront countless messages as to who we should be and what we should do.  

This service helps a client examine personal and professional goals, conduct, and what one is willing to do. Attention is given to the pace at which the client lives. It is good to know how to work hard and think fast, but it is also good to know why we do what we do—as a way of reminding ourselves of our overriding purposes and contributions.  

Tools and techniques are introduced to help manage the intent of the client’s personal and professional lifestyles. Conversations ensue that help the client manage the ethics they live by.    


Understand your ethical paradigm.   

Learn how to manage the pace of your professional and personal environments based on your ethical paradigm.  

Apply concepts such as right thought, conduct, and “peace of mind.”   

Epiphany Consulting Services

An Epiphany Consultant helps people solve problems. With the right approach, solving the problems can lead to an epiphany, or a "light-bulb moment." The consultations are discussion oriented. The conversations revolve around a series of interconnected questions: 

· How do you currently think? 

· What type of problems do you typically solve?  

· How do you solve them?   

· What is the scale of the problems you solve?        

· How much stimulation is in your environment?  

· How much control do you have over the stimulation?   

· Is there a larger problem that you would like to solve?  

· How could you adjust your thought process, and your environment, to solve such a problem?   

The questions get more specific as the conversation takes shape. Research and theory are introduced along the way.        


Experience an epiphany. 

Solve a problem.  

Learn how to solve large problems.  

Writing Consulting Services

Writing is difficult. You have to create content for target audiences. You have deadlines. You do not like to write. So how can you modify the way you write in order to minimize the difficulty?    

A writing consultant helps clients learn how to write better by helping the client understand the writing process as it applies to targeted needs and deliverables. Writing is a unique experience for each writer: a consultant works with the client-as-writer to help him or her understand:

          - what needs to be communicated

          - who the communication is designed for 

          - how the client writes.  

Most clients do not currently have an effective method for creating documents; a writing consultant helps the client modify their writing process in order to make it less difficult.    

Different methodologies apply to different genres. From reports to emails, proposals to essays—from professional writing to creative writing—the method is different. Learning how to approach a piece of writing, and applying the appropriate methodology, will help alleviate the anxiety and difficulty that is typically part of the writing process.


Understand your writing process.  

Create a quality document.  

Learn how to continue to create quality documents.