Mark Daugherty, Thermal Sciences Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Dave completely changed  the way I think of creative problem-solving. I now have a process at my  disposal to use whenever I need to address a new problem requiring  creative thinking. My biggest lightbulb moment so far has been understanding that the problem I initially set out to  solve will almost always change as the solution develops. Instead of  trying to stay fixed on my initial goal I now try to keep an open mind,  so I can allow the solution to reshape the problem as they both evolve together. This method allowed me to finally start  making progress again on a difficult problem that had me stalled for  months.

Ed Krupski, Solution Sales, IBM

Dr. Howell’s advice gave me a great foundation to look for solutions to my problems. It might sound out of the ordinary, but my problem was how I could become a better volleyball player. Dr. Howell didn’t give me any new views on the game of volleyball, but he did give me new ways to think about my favorite sport in a creative way. The focus I gave to my thought process allowed me to have a light bulb moment and see a part of my skills that I had ignored for a long while. I have been playing better than ever and continue to look at my training with a creative thought process whenever possible.  

Michael Kaminski, Customer Success Manager, GMC Software

Dave's  direction gave me new insights into HOW to look for solutions and define problems. Prior to our initial meeting, I defined  the problem I thought I wanted to address. After meeting with Dave, I  took his advice and changed my thought process. This led me to the  epiphany: the problem I really needed to address was rather different from the problem I identified out of the  gate. Following his advice, I had my light bulb moment and am now  approaching this new problem with the same systematic approach. Working with Dave was eye-opening.